Architect & Urban Designer with Analytical & Design skills

CV gegevens

  • Plaats: Rotterdam
  • Laatste update CV: 24-07-2020
  • Branche: Administratie / Secretarieel, Advies / Consultancy, Bouw en Civiel, Onderwijs / Pedagogiek, Sociaal / Cultureel
  • Werkniveau: Universitair
  • Werkervaring: 1 - 3 jaar ervaring
  • Dienstverband: Leer-werk overeenkomst, Stage, Tijdelijk contract, Detachering/Interim, Vast contract
  • Rijbewijs: Nee
  • Leeftijd: 29 (20-07-1991)
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Architecture, MSc Urban Management and Development

Gewenste functie

Architect, Junior Urban Designer, Junior Planner

Persoonlijke motivatie

 When a third year project in Architecture required me to formulate a manifesto, I noticed a connecting thread in all my design concepts; Site, Local people and context. After self-analysis, I narrowed it down as architecture to have a rational and empathetic design approach, hence being legitimate in relation to its context with a give and take process. I have always worked on design projects from building until urban scale, which are sensitive to their context socially, economically and environmentally.
Working in an architectural and town planning firm after completing B. Arch gave me a platform to experience the technical aspects of design, its implementation as well as research projects.As a part of design teams for master planning projects, I successfully completed urban design proposals for university campus, prison complex, and park and area development. The planning integrated architecture design, infrastructure and landscape design with each other. Moreover, I worked on a competition project for Bohra Community Housing Society in which the proposal ranged from housing units to the sectoral planning of society with infrastructure and landscape features.In the realm of research, I was a part of a research project for producing an analytical report 'Strategic Environmental Analysis of Gilgit' carried out with a team of urban designers, anthropologists, social economist, and architects which culminated in a master planning proposal for the Gilgit Development Authority. Moreover as a project architect, I have experience of coordinating the working drawings with the sub-consultants and managing the design team.
Working in big teams developed my skills of teamwork, productive criticism and adaptive learning process. Projects of such nature inclined me towards urban research and developed my professional belief in holistic design, which has sensitivity towards local and global context.
The masters of Urban Management and Development in IHS, Erasmus University, integrated the spatial planning and policies with the sociology, economics, environmental and governance aspects of the urbanizing cities. It also gave due consideration to the contemporary issues such as climate change and sustainability which the cities are facing in the developing and developed countries. Integrating my design experience with the theoretical knowledge from the masters, my professional objective is to work for sustainable development of cities, from social, economic and environmental aspects. I have the skills of strategic planning where design and policies go hand in hand with each other to shape the changes the cities need.Research and data analysis in the master's program have supplemented the analytical thinking skills.
Apart from academics, the post-grad experience in The Netherlands gave me exposure by working with colleagues from 45 different countries and having varying academic background. I believe in teams, which are composed of multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary members. Working at MLA + will give me the opportunity to deliver what I know well and grow in an international environment.
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